Do more and stay focused 

Nemo is your friendly visual reminder to get things done and stay on track.

Ditch the interruptions 

Say goodbye to infinite distractions and unfocused hours. Nemo is a gentle reminder to finish what you started.
Type down your task
Then set your device nearby to see your task as a reminder.
No loud alarms
Just a calm visual in the background that occasionally blinks to pull back your focus. 
Keep at it
Once you conquer a task, simply touch the screen to input the next one.
Stay productive
Always remember what needs to be done, regardless of the distraction. 

Reclaim your attention with Nemo

Set and forget
Simply answer one question – What’s next to get done

Place your device next to you, press Start, and the screen will display your task and blink from time to time to keep you on track.

Never lose Focus
Whether it’s social media, the news, a phone call, or the infinite loop of other distractions, rest assured that you’ll always come back to your task with Nemo’s visual reminder.
Done with a task? Just tap the screen and set a new one.

Instantly get Nemo via text

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Just enter your phone number (with area code) and get a direct link to safely download Nemo now. 

Scan our QR code

Point your device’s camera to one of these codes to instantly download it on your phone or tablet.  

Google Play

Nemo for Android

App Store

Nemo for Apple

Master your time with Nemo

Prioritize your tasks and get more done.